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spacer We can supply the most common type of engine & generator spares. Like Head, Liner, Piston, Connected Rod, Crank Shaft, Cam Shaft, Block, Bedplate, Skirt, Valve, Bearing etc., at very competitive rates. Please contact us for best price & availability for your requirements.  
 Main & Auxillary Engine  Generator
 Sulzer  Mitsubishi  Caterpillar  Volvo Penta  Diahatsu  Caterpillar (CAT)
 Gotaverken  Mercedes  S K L  Pielstick  Sulzer  M A N
 Deutz  Akasaka  Wartsila  B & W  Allen  Wartsilla
 Perkins  Skoda  M A N  M A K  S K L  
 Makita  Mireless  Nigata  Bergen  Mitsubishi  
 Stork Werkspoor  Yanmar  Daihatsu  Heishein  B & W  
 Fiat  MTU  MWM  Borons  M A K  

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